Cessna Citation II Jet

The Citation II Jet is also manufactured by the Cessna Corporation. This aircraft is the sister to the Citation. It offers yet a larger cabin and longer flight range. With the same outstanding safety record seen with the Citation, it is also considered to be the most popular aircraft in the world for medical missions. This pressurized aircraft is operated by two co-captains and its spacious cabin may accommodate one or two stretcher patients, up to three family members, the medical team and several hundred pounds of luggage. The Citation II’s advantage is overall size and speed without significant increase in costs. This aircraft also has short runway capabilities and longer range fuel considerations.

The aircraft is equipped with Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) as well as an extra wide cargo door & can transport Bariatric patients.

Cessna Citation II Med Config

Cessna Citation II Double Stretcher Config