Cessna Citation Jet

The Citation Jet aircraft are manufactured by the Cessna Corporation. These aircraft were designed to meet tough airline specifications, have a three and a half times better safety record, and are considered to be the most popular aircraft in the world for special air medical missions. This spacious, pressurized aircraft is operated by two co-captains and can accommodate one patient, up to two family members, the medical team and 200 hundred pounds of luggage. This aircraft is used for a wide variety of patient conditions, and due to an overall larger cabin, it is ideal for those patients who are critical, unstable, ventilator dependant and/or have numerous IV medications. Advantages include cost and room for extra family and luggage. Its short field capabilities allow the aircraft to land at smaller airports located closer to most medical facilities (thus decreasing the ground ambulance transport times and charges). Considering these advantages, we feel the Citation is the most superior air ambulance aircraft available today.

Aircraft is equipped with Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Cessna Citation I Med Config