Everyone we talked to and involved in this flight -- all were so kind and helpful. Your company is top notch. We thank you.

Patient Manhattan, KS January 16, 2015

Your staff was professional, knowledgeable and above-all compassionate.

Patient Lawrence, MA September 17, 2014

You guys helped save my life.

Patient Panama City, FL September 17, 2014

The crew was very professional, attentive and knowledgeable. They made a rather stressful situation pleasant and actually fun! Wonderful experience!

Patient White Plains, NY September 17, 2014

We can not even say how much we loved the medics! They were so caring, considerate and professional, it was like two very special angels brought us home. They sure are an asset to your company. Thank You.

Patient Grove City, PA September 17, 2014

The staff were very caring, understanding of the seriousness of my medical problem. Absolutely no complaints. Would recommend Air Trek to anyone.

Patient Charlottesville, VA September 17, 2014

Lovely crew, very caring and helpful. Thank you all so much!

Patient Miami, FL September 17, 2014

Both medical attendants were outstanding and very knowledgeable. They made the flight go faster.

Patient Louisville, KY September 17, 2014

From the first phone call we made - to our final destination - I would like to thank everyone for the professional, outstanding service.

Patient Cleveland, OH September 17, 2014

1st class all the way. Everybody was excellent and very caring. I'm very pleased

Patient Cleveland, OH September 17, 2014

Patients’ Families

We neve thought we would be in such a position. Once faced with this decision, this team were angels sent from Heaven! Love to you all

Family Members Detroit, MI June 13, 2018

They were really great with my son. Real Class Act. Would put anyone I loved on that plane with that crew and you can quote me!

Family Member Bedford, MA February 4, 2018

Your coordinator worked with the hospital / social worker and ensured all information was shared. Ground ambulance was prompt & awaiting the patient. Rich & Elaine were fantastic! Kept the patient comfortable throughout the trip. This was the patient's 3rd trip w/ Rich & Elaine. Every trip was excellent! Smooth flying! This is our 3rd trip with this crew! Every trip was flawless and the care was superb! If we ever need your service, you can bet we will contact Air Trek!

Family Member Cleveland, OH October 13, 2017

It was wonderful how the merit team followed us all to the way to new facility. They worked w/ ambulance workers make transition as easy as possible. Rich & Elaine went above and beyond. I really appreciated it.

Family Member Pensacola, FL August 26, 2017

At one of our scariest times, your staff kept us reassured and comfortable. They took excellent care of my husband. Thank you very much!

Family Member Raleigh/Durham, NC May 10, 2016

Thank you for being there when we needed you. Todd has stabilized and is doing much better here.

July 28, 2015

Thanks for all your wonderful help and support in such a stressful time. Your crew was more than outstanding and supportive. I could not believe they even took the time to escort us to our home. This has been a big boost for my wife. She is taking fluids and eating better. She even ate a raspberry filled donut yesterday and wants another today. Please extend my thanks again to all involved. I hope to meet you sometime in the fall!

Tom July 28, 2015

The entire process was flawless. You made a difficult & stressful situation a pleasure right. Rich, Tom, David & Jeremiah were great! Thank you so much!

Family Member Pittsburgh, PA September 17, 2014

Above and beyond expectations! The quality of service was beyond our expectations. Earl is still telling everyone about his trip and the care & service he received. He can't belive he is home and we can't thank you enough for everything!

Family Member Trenton, NJ September 17, 2014

Miss Joy was a true blessing. Fantastic - Wonderful peace of mind to know everything was so well planned out. 5 Stars & 2 thumbs up (a third if I had it). First rate. Worth every dollar to know Dad was so well taken care of! Our family was blessed by the Air Trek team! Thank you! An outstanding experince, but I hope we never need to use you again :-) If anyone asks, I would highly recommend! Thanks for everything! Peace and Blessings to you all!

Family Member Peoria, IL September 17, 2014

On March 10th 2014, you flew my father back from Sanford FL to Pennridge Airport in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

As a family we wanted to thank you for bringing our father and mother back to PA safely. Personally I want to thank you for all of the support and direction that your people were able to provide to me while working to coordinate Dad's move. From the very first contact with your company, everyone that I dealt with was highly professional and courteous.

When the day of the move came, the constant updates from you were reassuring and helpful, especially the notifications of inflight progress. Upon landing the flight crew was very courteous and professional as well.

A sincere thank you, for a job well done.

Family Member Perkasie, PA September 17, 2014

I thought your service was exceptional! Very professional, don't change a thing.

Family Member Chicago, IL September 17, 2014

As you know from working with us in advance and greeting us the night of flight arrival, one of your flight crews transported an elderly family member from PA to Punta Gorda to avoid the grueling relocation in a handicapped wheelchair accessible minivan. The concept of using your service was recommended to us by close friends although we did not think this service was feasible for our needs.

When you made me aware of the possible flight availability for Friday, August 19, 2011, I initially dismissed it as not possible due to logistics, etc. After thinking about the convenience and less stressed way to move an elderly person that is not mobile, we decided it was a great idea. Although I still did not think it was feasible, your team (ground and aircrew) exceeded any and all of our expectations. Not only did your flight crew arrive on time in Punta Gorda, but your ground staff made all arrangements for non-emergency van transport at source (from PA to WV airport) and from Punta Gorda airport to local care facility. We know that is what you do all the time but your staff did it seamlessly and even worked in a few efficiency increasing modifications as the day of flight unfolded. We want to thank Stephanie Griffith (pre-flight arrangements coordinator) and Joy (gave frequent updates the day of the flight) for their patient assistance. Although we assume they have other responsibilities in their work, it seemed as if they were working for us and us alone.

From our experience with Air Trek, we can highly recommend their service to anyone needing transportation for sick or elderly folks who cannot readily travel easily by care or commercial airlines. Because we know that selection of an air transport firm is not taken lightly, please feel free to use this letter in your list of recommendations for prospective clients wanting a higher comfort level before making a final decision in this area.

Family Member PA September 17, 2014

Just writing to say thanks. You recently transported my father from Florida to NY. He had advanced aortic stenosis and heart failure. I am a board certified practicing emergency physician and medical director for Vermonts' largest EMS district. I flew down from Burlington, Vermont to be with my father while he was transported from a hospital in Florida to a higher level of care in NY. Needless to say, I was watching the crew like a hawk, and the report is two thumbs up. The paramedic and respiratory therapist (Chad and David) were professional, competent, and extremely kind to my father. I was glad I did not get to see any of their ACLS skills in action, but I'm sure they would have been on their game if need be. Thank you for the excellent service.

Family Member New York September 17, 2014

From the start of the process to get my dad home, the whole organization at Air Trek was superb! Thank You All BIG!!

Family Member Hartford, CT September 17, 2014

I cannot thank you enough for the understanding and care you gave myself and my husband.

Family Member Norwood, MA September 17, 2014

We were very happy to have your services during this tough time. Everyone did a terrific job and we would always highly recommend your wonderful service.

Family Member Detroit, MI September 17, 2014

Excellent customer service & patient care from coordinators to medical team/air crew. Dad still in Baptist hospital or I would have responded sooner. Thank you!!!

Family Member Miami, FL September 17, 2014

We are so grateful for the expertise & professionalism exhibited by your staff. Thank you so much for your services.

Family Member Teterboro, NJ September 17, 2014

We cannot begin to express our heartfelt thanks to all of the personnel starting with the ground transport crew, which picked us up at the hospital to the nurses who accompanied my mother to her destination here in Michigan.

My father and I were treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness during an extremely difficult time. The two RNs who accompanied us were very professional and at the same time, we felt they really cared about Doris and her comfort during the flight.

I am sad to say my mother passed away on May 26th, 2010 very peacefully after a courageous battle with congestive heart failure. She was a very brave lady and if she could, would also express her thanks to all of the crew and nurses and those who made her final trip home possible.

Again, thank you Dana for your help in scheduling our trip and making it possible to have our mom home during her final days.

Family Member MI September 17, 2014

After my husbands stay at the hospital in Dallas, we transported him from Dallas to Mississippi using another air ambulance. We used another air ambulance because your rates were much higher coming from Florida. So I had the opportunity to compare 2 air ambulance services. Your service was by far superior. Everything about your service was more professional than the other service. I also felt my husband's medical care supervision was better! The staff was respectful and compassionate. I am sorry to say that my husband passed away in December. I will always remember the care that your staff gave him. P.S. Thank you for filing Medicare for me. I was completely reimbursed -- the other company did not even offer to help. God bless you all.

Family Member Florida September 17, 2014

Our experience with your company was exceptional from the coordinator to medics. You made this part of this journey with our dad very easy even though our circumstances at that time were very difficult. The medics that came to the hospital were great and the phone call we received mid-flight to let us know where the plane was at that time was unexpected and much appreciated. Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

Family Member Orient, IL September 17, 2014

At a very trying time for the family Air Trek always was helpful and available. After the first few times talking with your staff I knew we were in excellent hands. I never had another worry about transport. Air Trek is a blessing as far as our family is concerned. Each and every one of your staff is extra special.

Family Member Teterboro, NJ September 17, 2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your service was first rate, from start to finish. My husband lived to see his beloved family and New Hampshire, which was his wish, and we appreciate your part in making it happen.

Family Member Laconia, NH September 17, 2014

Thank you for making it possible to get my husband home safely. I appreciate your professionalism and kindness.

Family Member Florence, SC September 17, 2014

We were very pleased with how everything was handled. My husband passed away on May 9th, the stroke was just too severe, but we appreciate how everything was handled by your company. Thank You.

Family Member Philadelphia, PA September 17, 2014

We could not have asked for more! The service was great - the flight was excellent!

Family Member Gaithersburg, MD September 17, 2014

A '10', 10 being tops! Although my wife died on the 18th of April I was so happy for her to get home and see the grandkids and family. Thank you both of the medics you were really great with my wife.

Family Member Niagara Falls, NY September 17, 2014

Great crew! They accompanied my father to the hospital which was 35 miles once they landed home, I did not expect that, greatly appreciated!

Family Member Pittsfield, MA September 17, 2014

I appreciate your kind words and following up with this questionnaire. Unfortunately my husband passed away on Feb. 8th but I will always be grateful for your services, knowing that anything and everything that could be done for him was done.

Family Member Gainesville, FL September 17, 2014

I would like to thank you for the excellent care that my mother received. Thanks.

Family Member Springfield, IL September 17, 2014

I would like to thank the pilots and medics for a very professional and efficient job and attitudes as well as any other staff that plays a role behind the scenes. Thank you!

Family Member Miami, FL September 17, 2014

I was very impressed and relieved. Door to door service with just two days notice. You people were very thorough, competent and accommodating.

Family Member Waterville, ME September 17, 2014

All personnel were very efficient. Flight was surprisingly smooth. Best way to travel in an emergency.

Family Member Indianapolis, IN September 17, 2014

Special thanks to the crew for making us feel as comfortable as possible in some trying times.

Family Member Burlington, VT September 17, 2014

We were pleased with your service and have told our friends about your service. Thank you very much from our family to yours for a job well done.

Family Member Pontiac, MI September 17, 2014

Great work, your really came through for our family in our time of need...it was great! Keep up the good work! Thanks again!

Family Member Carlisle, PA September 17, 2014

Case Managers, Insurance Co.’s and Partners

You went above & beyond to offer the best service including efforts to facilitate a specific flight nurse at the request of patient's family.

I have coordinated with your company for many years during my time in CM & discharge planning.

Your company is the first that comes to mind and I have always been pleased with your response & services. Thank you of helping make coordination for flights so easy!

Keep up the great work!

Case Manager Sarasota, FL October 13, 2017

Excellent customer service. Follow through and completion from beginning to end. I love working with Air Trek.

Case Manager New York, NY September 17, 2014

I always appreciate the services you provide - you are very easy to work with and you provide excellent care to our pediatric patients.

Case Manager Pensacola, FL September 17, 2014

It had been a long time since I set up an air transport and your team was great in 'walking' me through and answering all my questions. It was a very painless experience! Thank You.

Case Manager Punta Gorda, FL September 17, 2014

All the staff have been very professional and friendly, makes my job easier! Thank you.

Case Manager Venice, FL September 17, 2014

Your staff are very professional, pleasant, and willing to work with our complex patients. Thank You.

Case Manager Wauchula, FL September 17, 2014

Patient's relative contacted me after the transfer and stated everything went smoothly and the family was impressed with the quality of care by all concerned. Thanks for a great job!

Case Manager Tallahassee, FL September 17, 2014

Everything went well. I appreciated the message and email stating my member arrived safely. Thanks that's a plus.

Insurance Company Knoxville, TN September 17, 2014

The process was smooth as silk! Great team effort. Thanks again.

Case Manager Fort Myers, FL September 17, 2014

From case management standpoint this transfer was very efficient, the family was well informed & pleased with handling of case.

Case Manager Baltimore, MD September 17, 2014

You are great! You make it very easy to coordinate our facility, receiving facility, family. You communicate clearly with family who always who always feel they are in the loop. Nice job!

Case Manager Naples, FL September 17, 2014

What a great experience considering such stressful circumstances. Your crew was awesome!

Case Manager Huntsville, AL September 17, 2014

Thanks for all your help. It's like one stop shopping, everything gets taken care of at one place, both air and ground coordination.

Case Manager St. Petersburg, FL September 17, 2014

I was very impressed with the guide availability of the service, I didn't call for the quote until 4 p.m. one day they flew my patient by 11:30 the next day! Terrific!

Case Manager Knoxville, TN September 17, 2014

The communication from Air Trek deserves and award - awesome. Perfect customer service. My first experience was wonderful and I will highly recommend you to anyone in need of air transport.

Case Manager Pompano Beach, FL September 17, 2014

I have referred to Air Trek for 10 years! Always professional! Always easy to work with! Patient centered! Patient Focused! Always a pleasure! You are all a fabulous group of professionals.

Case Manager Sarasota, FL September 17, 2014

The trip was arranged in about 6 hours from the time I placed the first call to you until the patient was taken to the airport. It went incredibly smooth, and I am thankful for Joy's hard work in getting this together for same day transport. I have used your services to transport my own grandparents and I do not hesitate to recommend your company to any patient/family that needs air ambulance services.

Healthcare Professional Orlando, FL September 17, 2014

Very, very professional and made transition easy for patient and family in spite of the circumstances.

Case Manager Fort Lauderdale, FL September 17, 2014

Your staff in the office were very pleasant to work with, organization, coordination and communication exceptional. Thank you so much for making my job easier and taking some of the worry and stress out of this type of transfer. You guys are great to work with. I will probably not work with anyone else in the future.

Case Manager Fort Myers, FL September 17, 2014