Air Trek’s Chief Financial Officer

Medical Flight Equipment

Having been born into the Air Trek family, Aaron soloed a multi-engine aircraft on has 16th birthday, received his Private Pilot multi-engine license on his 17th birthday and on his 18th birthday simultaneously received his Citation Jet type rating and a Commercial Pilot license, all while most are just learning to drive.

After completing high school, Aaron took a hiatus from flying to attend Florida State University graduating as a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society with degrees in Business Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Finance. After college Aaron rejoined Air Trek’s finance department and now serves the company as CFO.

Since rejoining Air Trek, Aaron has received recurrent qualification in the company Citation jet fleet and completed transition training and qualification in the company Westwind jet aircraft. He now serves as a co-pilot in Air Trek’s jet fleet.

Aaron divides his time between Financial Management and flying. Meeting the requirements of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Aaron serves as the Aircraft Operations Security Coordinator (AOSC) for Air Trek operations.


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