1. Call the Flight Coordinator for quote information.
  2. Receive quote via phone, fax, or E-Mail.
  3. Review quote with the patient.
  4. Confirm flight with Flight Coordinator.
  5. The Flight Coordinator will then notify the Medical Coordinator.
  6. Lead Pilot Flight Coordinator Medical Director
    Alert Captain and Co-Captain. Confirm bed availability at the receiving facility. Notify Medical Team of the upcoming transport.
    Obtain updated weather briefing. Make ground ambulance arrangements. Receive medical report from the patient’s physician.
    Make all customs arrangements. Complete all financial matters. Select the proper equipment and medical personnel.
    File a flight plan, customs arrangements, etc. Update sending facility of all arrangements made. Discuss the flight with the patient & family if needed.
  7. Flight Team meets the patient at their bedside and obtains an updated medical report.
  8. The patient, Flight Team and family are transported to the airport.
  9. The patient, family and belongings board the aircraft.
  10. The Flight Team remains in contact with the Flight Coordinator throughout the flight and updates you as to the patient’s condition.
  11. An ambulance waits for our arrival and the Flight Team accompanies the patient to the receiving facility.
  12. The patient is admitted at the receiving facility.
  13. The Flight Coordinator notifies you as to how pleased the patient and family were with the flight.