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With coronavirus (COVID-19), the safety of our clients, patients and the Air Trek Team remains our top priority. For more information, see our COVID-19 Fact Sheet.

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Your amazing flight crew transported my mother in law and I... Everyone made her feel comfortable and relaxed... The pilot and co-pilot gave us a smooth ride. Thank you for the excellent service... Julie B.

Just transported our grandson/son from Lakeland Regional Hospital to Shepherds in Atlanta yesterday! What an amazing flight crew... all went very smoothly... Thank you all for your services... Priscilla R.

Air ambulance for my husband from Orlando back to Kentucky after his heart attack and surgery... were FABULOUS as his medical team... flew such a smooth flight! Can’t say enough about these guys! Kim R.

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Air Ambulance by Air Trek, one of the Nation’s oldest air ambulance services, is a family operated air medical program that has been providing air medical transportation service since 1978.

More About Us

Air Ambulance Fleet


Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation Jet aircraft were designed to meet tough airline specifications, have a three and a half times better safety record, and are considered to be the most popular aircraft in the world for special air ambulance medical flights.


Cessna Citation II

The Citation II Jet is manufactured in America by the Cessna Textron Corporation. The Citation II is a very versatile, small-size executive aircraft, that is able to accommodate up to two patients as well as two passengers.


Cessna Citation III

At 520-mph, the Cessna Citation Jet III is one of the fastest aircraft in the larger mid-size class of executive jets. This large, comfortable cabin accommodates 1 or 2 Patients, 3 passengers, and a medical team and is equipped with a fully enclosed private lavatory.


Cessna Citation Eagle

The Cessna Citation Eagle is a single pilot, pressurized jet aircraft, equipped with the Nexgen Traffic Information Services and Nexrad Weather. It can accommodate one patient, two passengers, two suit cases, and the medical team.

Air Ambulance Team


President Doug Griffin

Doug has been professionally flying for over 40 years and attended Auburn University where he worked his way through school by being a Certified Flight Instructor. He is a former Certified Public Accountant and in his "spare time" rides motorcycles, SCUBA dives, and often flies for charitable groups involving animal rescue and medical/compassion flights.


Check Airman & FAA Liaison Wayne A. Carr, ATP

Wayne currently serves as Air Trek’s Chief Pilot and FAA approved Check Airman overseeing pilot recruitment, training, and company certification.


Director of Operations Dana Carr, ATP


Dana was approved by the FAA to serve in the required position of Director of Operations in 1984 and has served in that position for the past 28 years. He has been continually qualified as a pilot for Air Trek since 1979.


Director of Maintenance Lester Carr

Proudly serving in the United States Air Force and honorably retiring after 20 years, he retired as a Master Sergeant specializing in Electric Power Production and Aircraft Arresting Systems. Lester is the director of maintenance.


Chief Pilot & Check Airman Craig Miller

After honorably serving in the United States Marine Corps, Craig has focused on working his way through the world of aviation. Starting out as a Line Service Technician, Craig was promoted to Lead Line Service Technician Supervisor within the first seven months.

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