One of Air Trek’s six company owned aircraft has dual stretcher capabilities, allowing us to transport two stretcher patients at the same time.

This specialty service has been a welcomed assistance when evacuating injured survivors from disaster torn regions. Other practical applications include serving travel insurance and Assistance Company’s when relocating snow bird patients home to Canada as a way to cost share.

If you do not personally have two patients in need of being relocated, it is still possible for you to take advantage of this service. You may team up with a co-worker or another facility that has someone in need of being transported allowing everyone involved to benefit from sharing the transportations costs.

Here are a couple of situations where this type of transport may beneficial to you:

  1. You have two family members that need to travel at the same time due to illness or injury.
  2. Two unrelated patients traveling from the same area – going in the same geographical direction – this can help reduce the costs to families, hospitals or any payor source.

We obtain a medical report on each patient to determine the patient’s acuity and the staffing needs.

Each of our double stretcher flights are closely monitored by the Medical Director, Dr. Paige Kreegel and our Chief Pilot, Mr. Wayne Carr to ensure the safety and extra attention that these specialty transports require.

At Air Trek Inc. we have many fond memories of special patients and air ambulance flights that stand out in our 35 year history. This flight in particular demonstrates the unique benefits of our dual stretcher/double patient capabilities.

Tragically, a husband and wife were involved in an auto accident in South Central Florida. With their car a total wreck; the wife was transported to the local hospital in Sebring while the husband was airlifted via helicopter to the trauma center at Tampa General Hospital. Thankfully, the positive patient outcome was that both patients were stabilized within weeks, and ready to return to their home in Indiana for continued rehabilitation. After working closely with both the Social Workers and Case Managers at the Tampa and Sebring hospitals (along with the insurance provider and rehabilitation hospital in Indiana), Air Trek’s Flight Coordinators developed a transport plan which included Air Trek’s Cessna Citation II Jet with two stretchers and additional medical staff.

The journey home began at the wife’s bedside in Sebring with our medical transport team; transporting the wife and her daughter via ground ambulance to the local airport, and boarding her into the jet for a quick 15 minute flight to Tampa International Airport. While flying the wife to Tampa, our second medical team met the husband and their second daughter at his bedside in Tampa and escorted him, via ground ambulance, to the Tampa International Airport.

Now here is the great part… we timed it so that all would arrive at the Tampa airport at the same time! We boarded the husband into the jet reuniting the husband, wife, and daughters for the first time since the accident.

Needless to say, this was a most heartwarming moment and one of the best “family reunions” ever. To reunite this family after such a tragic accident was one of our most memorable air ambulance flights to date!